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Deepening of the seminar content through individual coaching

We are happy to offer you a targeted reinforcement of the seminar contents through individual virtual coaching as a supplement to our trainings. This harmonizes the practical application/implementation in the company as well as learning successes (verification of what has been learned) in practice.
Completely tailored to the personal situation, participants have the opportunity to discuss implementation measures, challenges as well as planned solutions with the trainers.

After the theory with support into the practical application

After the seminar you get the chance to apply what you have learned in your company. Optimally on a project or a concrete task. This deepens the learning effect and increases future benefits. In addition, you can call on the help of our trainers in case of problems and uncertainties in the application. Before the seminar begins, you can request personal coaching for support in order to obtain the maximum benefit.

Review & deepening of the seminar in application/project

After the successful application in the company, the experiences you have made will be reflected on again. This gives you an insight into the further challenges and you can thus benefit from the practical approaches to solutions.
You develop for yourself a plan for further sustainable implementation in the company and to deepen your knowledge. We are also happy to present the success and the plan in your company together with you.

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