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This application only runs on Windows 7 or later with Microsoft .NET-Framework (Version 4.6.2).


The GUKSA GmbH is a future-oriented company with a particular focus on computer-aided integration of customer requirements along with the connection of documents and processes in your organisation. The GUKSA GmbH was founded in 2010.

As web portal company we provide capable applications to control QM system-related customer-specific requirements within businesses, GUKSA GmbH supports you in generating accordant measures in your own business or within the supply chain.

With pragmatic, modular composed and target-oriented software solutions as well as our cooperators’ professional competence we are capable to offer you a business solution for your specific area. At this we certainly consider the individual processes within your business as well as your own ideas.

We understand ourselves as the competent contact and full service provider within this important area of management responsibility by the long lasting expertise in industry of our consultants in different branches (e.g. direct cooperation with the OEM and the appropriate supply chain). Concerning our know-how and consolidated knowledge we offer you appropriate, capable and complete solutions associated with on-site support.

Beside different software solutions we are specialised in „supply management“. Our range of services in this area can be adapted individually to your want and vision:

  • Training / instruction of the affected process managers regarding the offered software solutions as well as further training of "CSR agents"
  • Support for the implementation and practical realization of the modules in the organization
  • Planning and execution of CSR assessments / CSR audits internally and at suppliers
  • Support and execution of risk analyses according to your needs, e.g. emergency plans, operational risks
  • Individual programming according to your specific requirements
  • Regular individual query of customer documents including detailed documentation of the changes