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This application only runs on Windows 7 or later with Microsoft .NET-Framework (Version 4.6.2).


Making no detours

Process- and organisation management


The module PB+ is used to implement a modern process management in your company. In addition, it is possible to integrate an Integrated Management System systematically and transparently into the entire process model.

The individual structure of your company across various locations is systematically realized by the creation and management of appropriate processes. These processes are provided with responsibilities and form a close network of communication and information flows, through interactions with other processes your company

The correct execution and traceability of processes forms the basis for a successful company that meets the changing requirements of today.

Benefits for your business

Both the introduction and the permanent administration of a process management in your company is considerably accelerated and simplified.

This, of course, saves money, but also leads to a new approach of your employees regarding the functions and duties the company has to meet substantially. The user receives a fast and extensive insight into the process responsibilities he has in the company.

Search functions, the specific presentation of own processes and the function to specifically mark other processes enable the user to quickly access to the desired information. Various representations of the process information, e.g. as "Turtle", provide information about the structure of a process and the arrangement in the company.

Corresponding authorization concepts allow each user to view exactly those processes he deals with.

Integrated functions

  • >Flow Chart

    The module includes a PB "FlowCharter" which can be used to create flowcharts fast and user friendly. The user is able to select and use processes and documents (module DOCS).

    The functions of the "FlowCharter" offer a direct access to the information used in a flowchart and allow an attractive design and printing of created flow charts.

    Flowcharts can be directly assigned to the processes of your company.

  • >Turtle

    The module PB+ enables you to show your processes in a turtle view.

    The turtles are automatically created by your information to the regarding process and can be easily printed and activated any time.

  • >Process Viewer

    The process viewer enables you to view a combination of all connections (Inputs and Outputs) at a glance.

    This makes it easy for you to see which process affects another process.

Designer (process map)

In addition to arranging your processes as a tree structure, the module PB+ also offers the possibility to form / view a process map using the Process Designer. The creation and insight of processes is optically individualized. The colors of the display can be freely selected and therefore be adapted to your Corporate Design.


The GUKSA GmbH offers further software modules that can be connected for an individual solution for your company. Therefore, redundant displays and maintenance of data is unnecessary. GUKSA develops and extends its software products continuously according to the market’s requirements to be able to offer you a suitable solution for your needs at all times.


By using the module DOCS, relevant documents can be directly assigned to the processes of your company. Employees receive an overview of the relevant documents in connection with the execution of processes. In DOCS, documents can be used within the integrated "FlowCharter".


The module RPAS™ allows you to select and view your processes related to internal / external audits. The traceability of audit results in terms of your processes and the implementation of process audits, e.g. according to VDA 6.3, provides a new perspective on your processes.


The module RISK allows you the assignment of potential risks for the company's processes. This puts the focus on risk awareness and enables your company to face the requirements of a functioning risk management system.


The CSR+ module allows comprehensive management of customer-specific requirements (CSR). The use of this module enables a targeted presentation of CSR for processes and process owners of your company. Persons affected by CSR are able to evaluate them and, thanks to professional services, always remain up-to-date with your customer-specific requirements.

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