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This application only runs on Windows 7 or later with Microsoft .NET-Framework (Version 4.6.2).


Assign and find

Process Oriented Document Management


The module DOCS allows you to manage your business’s company or process related documents (documented information). New versions or changes to these documents can be displayed completely and transparently.

Benefits for your business

Various storage locations of documents in your company can be removed by using a central online tool.

Therefore, your employees always access to the latest versions of relevant documents and can find them quickly and easily. Appropriate visibilities ensure that each user sees only the documents relevant to him / her, so that requirements for data protection regulations are also met.

New documents and documents that have to be checked are immediately visible for every user, which simplifies the maintenance of your company’s documents for all employees.

DOCS provides a basis for document management, e.g. to reach and hold certifications according to ISO 9001.

Creation of documents

All of your company’s documents are displayed with essential information, such as process affiliation, tpye, approval interval and date of archiving. The documents’ files can easily be saved into the application via drag & drop.

Document work flow

Before your employees can view a document, checkings and approvals can be scheduled. The document will only become visible for your employees after the execution. The relevant persons are informed via e-mail.


Your employees can access to your company’s documents by various means:

1. A search view shows all documents that match with the specified search words.

2. An overview of all of the system’s documents offers the possibility to search for specific words as well as to filter by informations such as document type.

3. With the module PB+ and the assignment of documents to your company’s processes, documents will be listed at the respective process. The process managers thus see at a glance which documents are relevant to them.

4. Display new documents and documents that have to be edited.


The GUKSA GmbH offers further software modules that can be connected for an individual solution for your company. Therefore, redundant displays and maintenance of data is unnecessary. GUKSA develops and extends its software products continuously according to the market’s requirements to be able to offer you a suitable solution for your needs at all times.


The module PB+ is used to implement a modern process management system. It accelerates and simplifies both its introduction and permanent management in your company. In addition to the significant resource savings, this also leads to a new approach of your employees in regard to their own process responsibilities as well as to the essential functions and tasks of the company.


The module ATS serves for the analysis of (technical) documents and can use DOCS’s documents as a basis. This way, practically every document can be analyzed completely and subject-related.


The module ToDo complements RPAS by the input of tasks of determined deviations of audits, so it is clarified which tasks are required to stop the determined deviations.