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This application only runs on Windows 7 or later with Microsoft .NET-Framework (Version 4.6.2).


Approach requirements in a structured manner

Analysis of Technical Specifications


The module ATS (Analysis of Technical Specifications) is a software for the analysis and evaluation of text and image files of numerous kinds (General terms and conditions, QSV, etc.) that works across different locations. Therefore, ATS can be used for contract reviews as well as for graphic documents like drawings, sketches, samples, photos, etc. You receive a requirements engineering tool that supports you during the creation, evaluation, maintenance and reuse of technical specifications, e.g. in the context of feasibility checks.

Benefits for your business

You can assign company processes to your evaluated documents that can be grouped via key words. This way, a clear structure is always visible within your documents.

The evaluations of documents are saved and archived specifically for each user within the module and possess a complete history. Therefore, evaluations that were made are always transparent and comprehensible.

Furthermore, you can control the visibility and the editing for all users involved in the document’s evaluation. This way, each user only sees their own documents in an overview for which they have to carry out evaluations according to their rights. This supports the transparency and efficiency of your company’s document evaluations.

Evaluation of graphic documents

For example, technical drawings can be evaluated as it is necessary e.g. in the context of producibility evaluations / feasibility checks. ATS enables you to conduct a “characteristic specific“ evaluation. For this, a grid is placed over the drawing with which you can mark every single characteristic in the drawing and to add evaluations accordingly. This marking also enables you to highlight “special characteristics” in the drawing and to highlight them respectively with color. In addition, you can determine process tolerances according to the specified Cpk values.

You can also deposit respective measures for the conducted evaluations (e.g. need for clarification, necessary review, etc.). Furthermore, the assignment to company processes and departments is possible.

Overview of the benefits

  • Process oriented depiction of evaluations
  • User specific control of evaluations by determination of reviewer circles
  • Possibility to deposit your own checklists for evaluations
  • Automatic archiving of the evaluations
  • Availability across locations (either in the cloud or in the company internal intranet)
  • Multilingual software
  • Practice-oriented training for quick project success
  • Possibility to organize the evaluation of suppliers via web link
At the same time, ATS only needs little training effort because of the intuitive user interface. The various well thought out functions originating from practice for the practice leave nothing to be desired.

Print options


The GUKSA GmbH offers further software modules that can be connected for an individual solution for your company. Therefore, redundant displays and maintenance of data is unnecessary. GUKSA develops and extends its software products continuously according to the market’s requirements to be able to offer you a suitable solution for your needs at all times.


You can control and monitor measures from the ATS evaluations with the module ToDo so that you are always aware of their processing statuses. This way, measures originating from evaluations can be implemented quickly and efficiently.


The module PB+ serves the purpose of implementing a modern process management. It accelerates and simplifies its introduction as well as the permanent management within your company significantly. Company processes created and managed in PB+ can easily be assigned to the evaluations conducted in ATS via the interface between the modules.


In cooperation with the module DOCS, you can load and evaluate specifications (work instructions, forms, etc.) directly into ATS. That way, you receive an ideal interaction between document management and requirement engineering tool. Furthermore, DOCS possesses an interface to our GUKSA module “PB+” with which you can assign relevant documents directly to your company’s processes.


Risks for your company derived from evaluated documents can be entered and managed in the module risk. The module allows you to prepare and observe a RISK management system. For this purpose, you can create a risk matrix that refers to different risks from processes (e.g. PB+), audits (e.g. RPAS) or overall individual risks (e.g. from CSR+ or ATS). With the help of the scenario technique, you can see how the risk changes through respective measures whereby it is possible to link RIKS with the GS module ToDo Manager.